Every Deanflowers vase is created out of mouthblown and handmade glass. Glass is a real product of nature with a very long history and is a material that will stay on existing, regardless the constant development of new artificial materials. It is born out of nature’s fundamental elements : earth, water, air and fire.

The main base of glass is sand, which is then combined with a mixture of soda, lime etc… and some additions depending on form and color. When it reaches its meling point at 1500°C glass looks like a red, glowing mass, resembling lava. That’s when the master glass blower, by means of a hand carved wooden mould gives the object its intended shape and color.

The use of this wooden mould is a very primitive technique to create glass objects and has to be performed by the skilled hands of real artisans. Each time this mould is used, it burns out a little bit, thus giving each object its unique, handmade character.


Applying color to glass and experimenting with different techniques separately or combined to achieve this is one of our main fascinations right now. You can for example apply a double layer of color in a small oven specially made for that object.


The small imperfections and bulbs you may encounter in a vase are a result of the artisans working method and are a part of every object’s character.


Every Deanflowers product is produced in the EU.


80 % of all Deanflowers glass is recycled.